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Much by angelpink7
Just REALLY don't like how he looks on his app.
Then again this REALLY shows off all his flaws OTL WEll guess that's what I get for skimping on his art XD
Nothin Much: Fabula New app by angelpink7
Nothin Much: Fabula New app
I got REALLY REALLY LAZY with this. Please excuse me.
For :iconordo-fabula:
I wanted to try and redo the old app… But for some reason I just REALLY REALLY didn't like how this turned out. So the more I colored and drew on it the lazier and lazier I got =-= Oh well, I'll just have to maybe make antoher some other time.

Name: Nothing Much
Title: Much
Fairy Tale: Robin Hood

Origin: Wonderland
Home: Wander, various camps in the woods.

Age: 20
Gender: Male
Height: 5'7
Weight: 140
Species: Cursed Human

Occupation: Mercenary/ Bodyguard for Hire

- Hunting
- Good with Swords
- Cooking
- Stealth
- Pickpocketing

- Cute things (He collects animals like their toys)
- Food (He can be persuaded to do just about anything for Food)
- An Ex master (touchy subject?)
- Anger (He's attempted to master his emotions so he doesn't anger as easily, but his curse can easily take over his emotions, and he can snap just like that with little control over himself)
- Clumsy (Don't get him wrong, he's pretty fucking Agile. But that doesn't stop him from tripping over his own cloak's at times)
- EXTREMELY STUBBORN (No, no matter what you say to him he never changes his mind.)

 Much's broadsword Crystal is actually the source of his curse. The sword is corrupted. The more the curse consumes him the more powerful he gets, but on the down side the more he loses control of himself.

 Crystal- His cursed Broadsword. She's special alright? Ain't no one touch 'er.
Daggers- He has a collection of Daggers that he keeps around his waist and leg.
Bow n arrows- Mostly used for hunting, or to keep his distance from a potential threat. Otherwise if in a fight he will always used his sword.
- Food
- Sweets
- A good fight
- One upping another
- Animals

- People referring to him as "nothing much" (Yes that is his full name though, but never call him "nothing")
- Crowds/ Most people
- Blaise
- Being seen as a child
- Being Helpless
- Being seen/called weak

Personality: Much is strong willed, loyal, and most definitely EXTREMELY stubborn. Much left the safety of the village (Well the surrounds, he never really lived in the village...ever) a second time after almost killing Corvo. His curse had consumed him and morphed him completely into a rather uncontrolable (Fluffy) ball of rage. He trained himself, trying to control his emotions and win ove rthe curse that controls him. Much matured alot through his training, he's no longer AS easily triggered, and though still isn't fully pleasant to be around, he's not as likely to kill you, accidently or not. He still loves to screw with people though, don't ever think that was going to change, he enjoys scaring the crap out of others. Much has also lost alot of his speech impediment that he used to hold. Since he was neglected as a child by his father and disliked by the villagers, he never got much socialization as a child, and never truly grasped speaking or the languag. He was self taught, and only formed a better communication skill once he was sold off to Corvo's manor to be his servant. He has since dropped most of his accent and his choppy and intangibe sentence structers.

Though Much has more control over his emotions he still has a dark side, he still has little patience and can be quick to anger, he still has a far bigger tolerance before he snaps. His eyes still flash a dark black, which is always a sign that he's nearing a snapping point, once he's snapped his eyes stay dark and dark veins will slowly consume his body. These usually coinside with the other becoming stronger and more powerful the more the veins consume his body. All this is from the "curse" he contracted from his sword.

Much's mother was killed during child birth, his father was so broken by it that when the midwife tried to offer him his son he spoke up and ordere her to get rid of it. "But it's your son." "It's nothing, throw it in the woods." The midwife refused before going out to announce the birth of a boy to the small mining village. The man couldn't get rid of it now, not with the village so clearly aware of his son, so he raised him. Refering to his son as "Nothing Much" to spit him, the boy growing up with nothing more for a name. The boy spent about all of his time alone, exploring the woods, getting into trouble, by the end his father hated him and the villagers didn't find him to appealing either. He could barely talk, snarling and barking at people like an animal, the boy never bathed, he was like the village's wild child. When he turned 8 his father bathed and dressed him up in the best clothes he'd ever seen (Which weren't actually anything fancy, just actual CLOTHES), before selling him off to Corvo's home as a servant boy. At first, Much hated the other, he was bought specifically to be Corvo's right hand, thinking that a child close to the other's age would rile the other down, instead they simply fueled the others rebellious side, and they both ran away. This ended badly as Corvo almost died saving Much, luckily the boy managed to find help for the other just in time. After that Much sword his life and loyalty to the other from then on, offically marking the other as Master. Much served at Corvo's side until at the age of 15 he was awarded "his freedom" by the man. Instead being claimed as Corvos "best friend" instead of servant. However despite all that, Much still tailed behind him, cooking for him, cleaning, and of course protecting him. However, that tailing ended a few years back and by this time he no longer even calls the other master, prefering to avoid the other completely.

Relationship status: Single FOR ALL THE SINGLE LADIES
Orientation: iS IT CUTE? (Much in his eyes has always been the dominant in a relationship, so he normally has always gone after woman (Or Corvo), though he clearly has no preference in the end he's still far more likely to hit on females)

Relationships: Coming soon

*Other additional info of your likes:
- Boots: Boots is not a cat. This is simply how it must be put. Much found him in the woods. He looks like a cat, sounds like a cat, acts like a cat. He IS NOT a cat. Much has no idea what he is. He knows his true form is at least bear sized, something you can tell ONLY when you can't see him. (Example: He'll run through the woods to greet you, it'll sound like an elephant is charing towards you. But once he comes into sight he's nothing more then a cat) Much and this "cat" have an arrangement, he protects him and the camp and he makes sure the thing gets fed...that's about it. The creature seems to understand english perfectly well, and is VERY intelligent, it often helps Much in his pickpocketing and stealing.
- Artemis: An owl. THE
MOST LAZIEST, ASSHOLE OWL EVER. But it's an owl. know, what did you expect? He doesn't do much, other then hooting if anyone or anything enters the camp. Much seems him as an unwanted alarm system, but he's never managed to chase the damn thing away, so he's just dealt with it.
Switch Around Meme by angelpink7
Switch Around Meme
So I did a switch around meme with :icontragedy-mask: and :iconlethalauroramage:

We all did our :iconcape-academy: characters (WHICH WE'RE OPEN SO don't be afraid to join)
Alystair is :icontragedy-mask: Who did their char Jules.
Mage of course is :iconlethalauroramage: Who made their char Arai
And I'm Bats! *waves* I did my char Carson. Who I have NEVER drawn before yay.

Mage's char Arai who I colored is actually an ice powered villian, hence the whole "cold" theme for the picture.
Since I've never drawn Carson before I colored my sketch first to give Alystair a reference:
ALSO ignore the carson chibi in Jules lineart XD I got bored while lining.
Alejandro's HeartChart by angelpink7
Alejandro's HeartChart
So there's not much of anything on here XD (There were VERY few people Alejandro got friendly with and about the only other person is no longer around, so o3o He's now just got one o3o)

I'm always looking for more peeps to fill his heart (Chart) with love *insert winkity winkity retard face*
Since I have a glitch on Sai that prevents me from saving anything but PSD files after I open one, I just drew on the jpg file and did a small crappy sketch o3o so please excuse the pixelation.
My New account for miniatures by angelpink7
My New account for miniatures
Though I never upload them, I still do make miniatures. But I hate spamming my account with their pictures, so I took my old photography account and made it my miniatures account. You can check them out here :iconcryingwisdom:
I'm actually currently taking commissions for miniatures for BJD's atm (Or for anything else, cellphone charms ect, if you're interested)


Joe Bitch/Batass
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Nah, actually my friends call me Bats o3o
Nazi Fetish, not Nazi support by ChuButterfly

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Also any interest in joining is great at well! ^^ Once the group is open we plan to hold little fun group events to also try and raise some points to make the group a super group ^^

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