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RP? by angelpink7
So this looks hideous for two reasons:
1. I had already had about 5 shots of tequilla and a bit else to drink.
2. It was about 4 am when I suddenly got the buzz of a urge that said "YOU SHOULD DRAW" =-=

So yeah...I woke up and came back to this =-= and though I knew it looked horrible WHILE i was drawing it. I hadn't cared much then. So I decided to simply use this as a horrible rp requester =-= and I'll draw a more legit color war event drawing later. I was tempted to just add this to my Colt ref dump that's slowly been coming together, but eh....D8 I've been dying to rp with people TTATT I'm just really scared to ask...but I've tried with little to no luck :C
SOOO If you wanna rp o3o I usually do skype, or I can do note o3o just hit me up ^^ (I'm a really slow replier do to life though =-= But I do really wish to rp D8)

I clearly believe I attempted to make it SORTA splatoon style =-= I think...

Colt belongs to me
For the color war event for :icongallery-walk:
||GW|| Colt by angelpink7
||GW|| Colt
I finally drew him OTL Took me long enough. The groups only been up for like...2 months =-=
It's an rp group I mod with awesome epic people D8 Join!!


Colton "Colt"

He'll Never tell


Medium - Spray Paint

Freelancer (Graffiti Artist)

5'7 115lbs


+ Showoff
+ Protective
+ Respectful about art
+ Playful/Mischevious

- Forgetful/Carless
- Moody
- Invasive
- Hypocrit
- Sorta Antisocial

Bio: TBA--

+ Neon Green
+ Art
+ Stealing Things
+ Parkour
+ Music
+ Spray Painting anything he can
+ Sorta working out

-+ Rain (Water/Rain destroys beautiful things (his artwork) but it also wipes clean a slate, allowing an even more beautiful future (better art))

- People stealing his stuff (But he can steal other peoples stuff, cause you know...hypocritical)
- When he loses his spray paints (which is often...he forgets them everywhere)
- Control-freaks
- Rules
- Goody-two Shoes
- Big Brand Companies
- Money Bags/ Greed
- Copy Cats

Extra information:
- He's a slob
- Tech nerd
- Has Asthma
-  Has an obsession with finding the right tag (he wants to get his tag tattooed somewhere on his body...he just doesn't know what to make his tag as)
- Has a thing for Musicals (And showy shit)

As clearly stated above, I am looking to do Commisions and Art Trades, mostly because I have had not time to draw with having moved into a new apartment and gotten a job where I work 5 outta 7 days a week. (Sometimes 6) So I was hoping to get motivated into drawing a bit.

Art Trades are gonna be a bit picky, sorry. I prefer to either do art trades with Friends or Art Trades with people whose request interest me (I need to WANT to draw what They want otherwise it usually turns out ugly :C)
I really need to get back into drawing, so the trades are more of a "get back into things" so if you wanna just do a simple trade no prob. IF you wanna do some big masterpiece trade? Shrugs, I'll go for it.

Commisions....are...well...I don't really have any prices for anything, so if you're interested in a commision I guess just note me.

If you're interested in a trade comment o3o
Ace Mugshot by angelpink7
Ace Mugshot
Oh Jesus, this was made for my :iconcape-academy: group awhile ago for an event that I'm just now getting to upload. It was for an escaped prisoner event that showcased the new ability to buy an escape pass with your group points to have a mini event surrounding your character escaping.
Event gif

Ace/art by me :iconangelpink7:
Gif made by: :icontragedy-mask:
JJ  Jack Turner by angelpink7
JJ Jack Turner

OTL Another thing I did on an all nighter binge OTL So yeah there is so much on this I need to fix obviously :I But I just finally got the inspiration and finally made an app. 
This is NOT at ALL what he was SUPPOSED To look like...he was SUPPOSED to be a 5'3 Pip squeak with a bad temper :I But my minds like "NO your stuck with your egotistic assholes, deal" 

I'm constantly trying out new styles/coloring types. I was attempting that style alot of people who use markers do OTL....If that came across at all TTATT


NAME|| Jack Turner

AGE|| 23


HEIGHT|| 5'10


CURRENTLY LIVING|| Traveling (Inn hops)

JOB|| None 

SEXUAL ORIENTATION|| Bisexual (Has a thing for "Tough girls", doesn't have a male preference)

RELATIONSHIP STATUS|| Forever a playboy




Jack was an only child. So he grew up rather spoiled, he has this idea in his head that he's better then other people after his parents constantly praised him. So after one of the kids from his home town made it big as a pokemon Trainer, Jack decided he was gonna be one too, cause obviously "how hard can it be". He's pretty new at it still. His only pokemon Dei is actually a hand me down, his mother runs a day care center, while his father breeds Pokemon. He has started out on his journey, at first he most sight saw, he has been unsuccessful at catching any other Pokemon so far, mostly do to the fact that every time he let's out Dei, the pokemon attacks him instead of the target. And his mediocre attempts at capturing Pokemon without the help of Dei has only wound up with him being attacked by said pokemon.


Dei :male: 
Deino Lvl 36
Type Dark Type Dragon 
Dragon Breath
Dragon Rage

Dei was one of the breeders his father had, however his aggressive tendencies made it hard to mate him, so he was given to Jack as his first pokemon. Dei does NOT listen to Jack at all, even going as far as attacking Jack when he's let out of his pokeball (He doesn't tend to stay in his pokeball much either, having been a breeder at a daycare, he had free range and does not like being confined to his pokeball at all)



Joe Bitch
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
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angelpink7 has started a donation pool!
1,249 / 5,000
We are trying to make :iconcape-academy: a super group. Any points are appreciated.
Also any interest in joining is great at well! ^^ Once the group is open we plan to hold little fun group events to also try and raise some points to make the group a super group ^^

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