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So I don't normally do these, but...I have no drawing tablet atm, I have been so preoccupied with life that I haven't even been on DA like since I opened up my stupid new group and then completely disappeared. Which I apologize for, but life :I I'm not a teenager, I get side tracked with real life ALOT. But I think I'll finally take some time off and for once respond to a tag...which was done by the lovely :iconkatttty920:

1) You must post these rules.
2) Each person has to share 10 facts about themselves.
3) Answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you and make up 10 questions for the 10 you tag.
4) Choose 10 people and put their icons in your journal.
5) Not something like, "You are tagged if you read that".
6) You have to legitimately tag 10 people.
7) No tag-backs.
8) You can't say that you don't do tags.
9) You MUST make a journal entry! No comments.

Why the hell do you wanna know bout me?

1. I spend 80% of my time playing video games

2. I spend 15% of my time writing fanfics %2 drawing and the other %3 is staring off into space fantasying about what I'd LIKE in fanfics

3.  I know sign language...which...doesn't really come in handy that often.

4. I know ALOT of things/trades, that....don't come in handy all too much. Like I'm well knowledgeable on dog training.

5. I have a document that's over 90 pages long, with random sentences and paragraphs on random plot ideas/drabbles/random shit for fanfics....:I I have AT LEAST 25 different series stashed amongst all the confusing jumbled stories....It's just all unpublished fanfiction that never made it into a full blown story :I (OR bits and pieces of chapters for ACTIVE fanfictions that I can't seem to scrap together into a coherent chapter...)

6. I went to college to be a profiler. But I couldn't stand the people I'd be working with so MUCH that I actually dropped out.

7. I have this habit of HORRIBLY pronouncing words to make them sound absurd, I've done it since I was 8, and they just....happen now :I Exs: Squirrel: SKERL. Scotch: (Cats name) Scootch. Bunny(bun-bun): BOON-BOON (This is my how rabbit got her name). Water: Woot-ter. Puppy: Poop-e

8. My BIGGEST PET PEEVE IS IGNORANCE/STUPIDITY. Not like random stupid moments, I have blonde moments too, just don't go making it a habit around me, especially if your trying to deny a proven fact.

9. I have two bookshelves, one entire book shelf is dedicated to comic books and heros, and the other shelf is crammed completely full of manga and anime figures. (There's a 3 foot tall batman standing between the bookshelves too)

10. I HAVE ANIMALS!: 2 cats: Merlo(MY BABY!), and Scotch (Yes alchohol drinks, shush) 1 rabbit: Boone-boone. 1 dog: Rocky. (and 4 fish tanks) 1. Contains two Red bellied toads. 2. 12 Goldfish, tons of fancy guppies, two small catfish and several algea eaters (Yes this is a big takes up most of my art desk...which was big to start with) 3. A saltwater tank that holds two Sharks (Yes this is a big tank too, but ACTUALLY smaller then my community tank (the goldfish tank), it takes up our dresser) Sharky and Bait (Shark Bait). 4 is Sharky and baits feeder tank o3o. (And my breeder tank) o3o And These animals (Except for Rocky) all live in a one bedroom apartment with me and my boyfriend...

You want me to answer WHAT?!

1) Type something in another language
Que el infierno quieres mi poner?  (What the hell do you want me to put?)

What is your favourite stuffed animal/blanket/pillow?
I have these OBSESSIONS with quilts, the first one was hand sown for me, and I slept with it and carried it around the house till it fell apart (So it lasted...6...years....), Which was actually only like...4 years was then put in a closet and I have a new one...that is starting to fall apart on me.. :I (Especially since I've been at home for the past year..and like I gets carried around the house....)

3) What is your favorite breed of kitty?
One that ISN'T Scotch =3=.... (My cat...our Boyfriends cat =3=)

Have you seen/read Attack on Titan yet? If yes, who is your favourite character? If no, then go to google, type in "Watch/Read Attack on Titan free" and do it.
I have, I don't like it, so...I don't have a favorite character.

What do you like to watch when you're on Youtube? (or the computer in general if you don't do the Youtubes)
Youtube? Mostly slash vids to inspire me in my fanfic writings. Sterek (Teen Wolf) Johnlock (Sherlock Holmes) Shasshie (Psych) JDox (Scrubs) Peter/Neal (White Collar) Morgan/Reid (Criminal Minds) Guy/Allan (Robin Hood) Dean/Castiel (Supernatural) .....and there's so many more I couldn't list them all...

6) Are you a feminist?
This is a horrible question! Of course not. I hate women =3=....I prefer to think of everyone on the internet as genderless fairies for this reason...

7) How many times have you seen Howl's moving castle? thrice...?

8) Calvin & Hobbes! Yay, nay, or what the hell is that?
WHAT THE HELL ARE WITH THESE QUESTIONS?! :I On the other hand I enjoyed looking at the comics from what the scenarios really looked like to any passing stranger...

9) How many dictinaries do you own?
AGAIN WHY?! :I None... I own none...why should I spend money on something like that, when the internet is free?

What is your social security number? (if you don't want to give me your ssnumber then, I guess, you could just give me a high five instead)
My ss# is: 666-69-slap to yo face.


1. :iconlitriu:
2. :icontisin:
3. :iconstephanierosario:
 .....Wow...I just realized I have no
If you consider yourself my friend then by all means you've been tagged...and then tell me.and let me tag you..and pretend it was all my idea :I


1. What in the hell do you do with your spare time?

2. Whats your favorite anime/cartoon or tv series?

3. Okay....what's your OTP? (Go ahead, list more then one, I know you want too)

4. DO YOU PLAY VIDEO GAMES?!! If so name a game/series you think is EPIC. If not, then tell me a story o3o.

5. What's your biggest pet peeve?

6. I feel so old, please tell me I'm not the only NON teenager still on D.A. (What's your age?)

7. My minds full of useless facts, tell me a useless fact to add to my collection.

8. If there was one fictional character you could be, who would it be? And who would be your significant other? If you don't have/want one. Name a food.

9. MANGA OR COMIC BOOKS?!! Name your favorite series of your choice.

10. I am your humble servant, I am here to grant your hearts desire, what is it that you demand?

I actually really liked making the questions on this....not so much actually doing it....but the questions were super fun o3o maybe I should do these more often...or just start making random meme's....


Joe Bitch
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United States
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Really only got a tumblr for sato o3o


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