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Streaming done

---- OLD STREAM IGNORE BELOW ((Saving for later))
Just thought I'd shove this here for anyone interested:

I'll shove this into my scraps later 

This is the start of the YCH (showing what it will REALLY LOOK LIKE IN THE END CAUSE FUCK THAT YCH UGLY SKETCH XD)) (though this is for a friend and not a commission). Which you can find here:…
Once I am finished with this one I will close slot 1, then the same procedure for slot 2 and then 3, closing them after each slot before it is finished. So if you are interested clicked the YCH link to see if ya wanna bid.
Seeing as how my most recent works I've HATED their finished version I thought I'd actually post up their lineart alone. 
See I actually LIKE Their line art, but then I go to color it and the more I work on the piece well...the more I hate it =-= simple as that. 
Especially Zeke's HS pic. Like nothing about the way he's colored pleases me. Though I did HAlf ass it, I still think it looks FAR worse then acceptable in my option, and I's very disappointing to know the more effort I put into a drawing the more I could possibly come to hate it. 

Welp, that was just all I wanted to say. Enjoy the crap ala crap. 
Neon City Alejandro Diaz


Name |
 Alejandro Diaz   Gender | Male
Height| 5'11  Weight| 157lb  Age | 25
Career| Thug/Gang member  
Boss| Ceviche

Arrogant| Easily manipulated| Loyal| Forthright/Honest| Hard-working| 

Alejandro can be Arrogant, and rather apathetic towards people. He seems to come off like you're very existence it a bother to him, and he tends to try to mind his own business. On the other hand, though the male can take care of himself just fine, he can tend to be easily manipulated under the right circumstances, especially when it comes to a certain cat. His undying loyalty falls in line with that same tailed human, being a loyal love sick pooch and treated as such as Cheviche. Adding to his earnest natural the male is also rather forthright and brutally honest, never meshing words and saying things straight forward. The male can sometimes come off as a hard ass, but for the most part he's rather just stand offish and has horrible people skills, though most people tend to at least look past this since the male's hard-working and dedicated, it's about the only way he's been able to keep a job. 

Overview |
A simple minded man who has a weird cute obsession that makes him a loyal dog to a certain gang leader. He's got a long of weird kinks that don't help his already absurd bi-polar personality. Being completely almost apathetic around most people, but a happy love sick puppy around Che. Do not judge his personality for how well he's able to handle himself though. Just cause he's a grinning fool doesn't mean he can't take you down in one punch.

Bio/History | 
Ale's parents moved here from out of the country. Planning to start a new life, away from their poverty sticken country. His family worked up from the bottom, his father finally achieving his dream and opening up his own gym. For the most part his father taught Boxing lessons in the gym, eventually teaching his own son as well. His mother passed away shortly after they bought the gym, Alejandro growing only closer to his father as his life began to form around nothing but boxing. He did well, won a few fights, his father proud of his as a father and coach, Ale was going places.....that was until his father's sudden pacing. A heart attack....when Ale was just 21. Alejandro took over the gym, and instead of pursueing boxing he took the simplier path of following in his father's footsteps and training others. Unfortunately despite his attempts he was just managed to getby. That was until the overthrow of animal's, Alejandro lost his fathers gym do to being unable to pay the bills. The gym being sold to someone else and Ale being forced to live out on the streets. His only goal now is to earn enough money to buy his Dad's gym back.

For awhile Ale did what work he could for money, odd jobs here and there, unfortunately for him, he bumping into some unfriendly tailed-humans cornered him on the street. Of course being unprepared for someone to actually fight back, Ale took them out with ease. Only to be confronted the next day by another group, apparently seeking "revenge" on the asshole human beating up their members on their own turf. Like it was his fault, rude. Still these one's weren't all that hard either. It's only after this however that he' confronted by the gang's leader. Cheviche. To put shit simply, Ale fell in love with the cat at first glance. Well....more like in love with the look of the cat. See, Ale has a cute obsession, a kink more to say, and do to this he pretty much ended up acting more like a dog in love then a human being. Seeing the potential (And with half of his crew out of commission for awhile thanks to Ale's own hands) Che picked up on the opportunity and offered the other a to speak. Pretty much the male would work off the "debt" he had acquired by beating up Che's crew, working for the male as a type of body guard/right hand. Che uses Alejandro's obsession with him as a type of leash, that let's him order the other to do whatever he pleases. This is how Ale went from outstanding citizen to right hand of a slum gang's leader. 

Likes / Dislikes 
✔ Cute things. Has a Cute Complex.
✔ Music
✔  Soda: Ale hates sugar, but for some reason can't get enough of soda. 
✔ "Natural cuteness" (like natural beauty...but just with cuteness)
✔ People trying to learn his language. 

✖  Bugs/Insects. (He's terrifed of them)
✖ Being touched without his permission. 
✖ Cute posers. (The overly cute types that are trying to hard)

Extra Information |
☆ The bandage over his nose covers up an "unsightly scar" like the ENTIRE rest of his scared body isn't UNSIGHTLY. 
☆ THERE is nothing wrong with my shading HE HAS A FARMERS tan. (It was a the pose itself....I kept everything)
☆ He mingles spanish and english together, since his english vocabulary is limited. 
☆ Had a very foul mouth (Shoves together English words to use as an insult, even if their not really an insult: "chicken dick" )
☆ He's easily misunderstood.

Basic sayings|

“Dun fuckin touch me!!"
“Is no mah problema"
“Besa mi bicho, puto"

[ Your RP style ] 
⚈Paragraph/Lit ( Five Sentences +) 

   RP tracker Soon

Sexual Orientation| ehhhhhhhhh
Dating| No one  |Active| 

Turns on's|
◈ Cute shit
◈ Violence/Fighting
◈ Dominance (He's got a submissive kink)
◈ Che
◈ Spanish speakers (No specific type, as long as they speak a type of spanish)

Turn off's|
◈ Whiny Bitches
◈ Drunks
◈ Insects/Bugs

Dei Regimal HS AU
For :iconpoke-life: 

Dei/Zeke's app:…  <--- explaining his split personality. 

Small extras:
- Dei's has a fear of woman thanks to Zeke's sleeping around, anytime a woman confronts him it's usually to slap him for sleeping around....well for ZEKE sleeping around. 
- He wears a letterman jacket over his school uniform. 
- He tends to get into fights a little too often/ between that and sports he tends to carry a few bruises (as in his ID shot))
Before and After Thug Life
So I'm redrwaing Alejandro for a new group. And just had to fucking compare him to his old art. 
Unfortunately I no longer put as much effort into coloring as I use to XD since Line art takes so damn long I just...GIVE UP when I start coloring.

Also I faded the colors on Alejandro's "new mug shot" so that it blended better with the background.


Joe Bitch/Batass
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Nah, actually my friends call me Bats o3o
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