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I didn't want to make 3 different journals so here we go:

1. Kiribans: Since my Kiriban is coming up here shortly, I thought I'd get back into the drawing spirit before the kiriban actually comes up. My Kiriban is at 60,000 pv's if you're all interested. Nothing big to discuss here. In order to get the kiriban you must be a watcher of mine. You do not however have to get exactly 60,000 the closest screen shot nabbed will win the kiriban. I will not really limit the kiriban atm, so any request will be taken, if I think I can't do it or it needs to be toned down a little (I would appreciate it to be kept simple, a couples pic is about as advanced as I'd like to go). If you're one of my BJD or miniature fans I will also be allowing a miniature of your choosing if you prefer.

2. Commissions. I'm taking them again, not that I ever really stopped...but I thought I'd put the notice out there. I haven't made a price chart in awhile, so for right now I'll be sticking closely to my old cheap commission prices. I'm sure if you look hard enough through my gallery you'll find the commission thing somewhere XD

And 3, what I'm sure most people are even looking at this for, Livestream requests.
I will be doing a live stream for an entire week coming up during the next week or two. If you would like a request drawn during the stream you can request one before hand. I will make a sketch of it, however to get a finished piece you MUST attend the stream. Once a sketch is done I will list what date and time I will be working on the piece, if you show up I will work on it and hand it off to you. This will be a week long thing, or at least hopefully a 5 day thing at most. Right now I'm still working on the schedule, and hopefully I'll have enough requests to keep me going that long.

Planned week starts on the 15th. Each livestream starting at 5pm


5 pm: Jules for :icontragedy-mask:
7pm: I KNOW WHAT YOU WANT :iconmonochromeagent:
9pm: Nicholas/Arai for :iconlethalauroramage:
Dei Regimal PL

I had trouble with his I censored're never going to get a hand from me. Go away.

▪ Pokemon ▪
  634 Zweilous

 ▪ Nature ▪ 
        Zeke|| Naughty
        Dei|| Docile

 ▪ Move Set ▪ 
            Headbutt|| Scary Face || Substitute || Attract

 ▪ Ability ▪

 ▪ Stats ▪

    HP | ★★★★★☆☆☆☆☆
    Attack | ★★★★★☆☆☆☆☆
    Defense | ★★★★☆☆☆☆☆☆
    Special Attack | ★★★☆☆☆☆☆☆
    Special Defense | ★★★★☆☆☆☆☆☆
    Speed | ★★☆☆☆☆☆

 ▪ Name ▪ Dei Regimal/ "Zeke" 
 ▪ Gender ▪  Male
 ▪ Birthday ▪ August 23rd
 ▪ Age ▪ 22
 ▪ Height ▪ 6'1 (But do to Dei slouches too much he appears shorter) (Zeke holds himself straighter and with more pride, making him look taller) 
 ▪ Weight ▪ 198lb 

 ▪ Personality ▪  |Timid|Quiet|Indecisive|Pushover|Impulsive|Impatient|Aggressive|Direct|Flirty|Cold|Egotistical|
Italics= Dei
Bold Italics= Both
Bold= Zeke

Dei is a big people pleaser, he'll do anything if it either meant pleasing the people he liked or making them like him, because of this he's also a big push over, which goes along with his timid nature. Dei is naturally quiet, thought he can be more outgoing when he gets to know someone, unfortunately he's kinda an introvert so "friends" don't come easy to him. Zeke on the other hand will flirt with just about anything, though he leans more towards woman, if it benefits him he'll go for it (Examples, would have no issue having a "sugar daddy" as long as it entitles him getting free shit, on the other hand he wouldn't be keen on having sex with them he DOES have his morals (not really, he just wouldn't stoop low enough to have sex with some old gramps). Zeke is extremely self centered, and has a rather aggressive stance on getting what he wants with little qualm to who it effects. Dei however will apologize profusely if he ever finds out what Zeke did (Ex: Punching Q in the face). 

 ▪ History ▪  

        Dei grew up in an old fashion family, old fashion to the point of where his father still believed woman belonged in the kitchen and should kiss their husband's feet. He was rather two faced, smiling and well mannered in front of guests, but the moment they were behind closed doors he had no quelm in "punishing" his wife for whatever idealistic misdeed she did, usually it was something as simple as his mother accidentally burning the dinner slightly; despite living the 50's house wife drama, she had never truly been able to learn to cook. And the abuse never stopped at his mother, Dei having faced his father's wrath on many occasions. Do to this upraising, Dei grew up to be a timid people pleaser, willing to do anything to please his father and anyone else to always keep on their good side. He learned to hold his tongue and never speak out even if he disagreed, he'd silently obey whatever was asked of him. This all stopped when Dei turned 17, the boy began to have blackouts, unable to recall long periods of times, at times even missing entire days. However he noticed small things changing, like his father seemed rather docile around him, even seeming as if he were attempting to avoid the male. Getting a girlfriend without his knowledge (which was odd seeing as how Dei had known he was gay since he was 12), and by his senior year of high school he had gained a muscle mass and joined the football team, which...he hated sports. And being tackled by hulking men was no where near his fantasy contact. However, he was a pleaser and went along with everything, after a year of these things he had started to pick up on little things, and knew that even when he had black outs someone was CLEARLY living his life for him; of course instead of thinking something like, evil twin or aliens it was easier to realize that there was something mentally wrong. He first met Zeke after he graduated, after he woke up to find that he had suddenly up and left his parents house and was living in a motel with nothing but a small bag of clothes and some drug money from an arrangement with a supplier. On his phone was a voicemail from the hotel, but it wasn't from the manager, no instead it was from his own room, and the voice on the other end was clearly his own. "Zeke" was what he called himself, and he happily informed the other that they were now on their own, and had earned this "quaint" little set up from a friend, who was going to help them get on their feet. Apparently even though Dei had no recollection of anything Zeke did, Zeke was fully aware of Dei, this was the first time he had ever been scared of himself. Thinking that Zeke could just so easily alter his life in such a giant way scared him, he felt more like a pet cat in his own body, just along for the ride with his owner "Zeke".

    Dei attempted several times to go back to his parents, but unfortunately every time Zeke stopped him, showing the male that he clearly had far more control over this "change" then Dei did, eventually the male     just let it go in exchange for rules. Their main source of communicaton was voice mails, buying Zeke his own cellphone so that he would stop getting weird texts from what he was more then certain were hookers. Their rules changed over time, but for the main part it consisted of the fact that any SIGNIFICANT change had to be discussed BETWEEN them before they could act on it; so far Zeke and Dei seem to disagree on what significant actually pertained too. 
    Dei eventually became friends with his and Zeke's supplier's boyfriend, something Zeke wasn't too happy with, but didn't complain as long as the male sweet talked his boss and sold even while Zeke was out. This was how Dei finally broke down and sold drugs as well, even using them on occasion. Dei however ruined Zeke's little "party" as he eventually began to realize he had fallen in love with his boss' boyfriend, Quincy. It was pretty obvious that his boss was a total abusive ass, after all he the signs of abuse all to well, and after some time he convinced Quincy to run away with him and stealing what he could from the other's boyfriend (as this was the only way to make Zeke agree to the plan to begin with) 
    Dei and Quincy moved as far as they could on what little money they could, getting a place together and attempting to straighten Quincy out. Dei agreed to stop selling any hard drugs to help the other sober up, though Zeke's own plans might have been different, Dei stopped selling all together, pretty much become his own body's free loader, forcing Zeke to do everything. Zeke grabbed himself a job as a Host, on top of selling drugs of course, Dei hates it but for the most part he's allowed Zeke to do as he pleases, as long as he maintain's Dei's rules (Which he doesn't) and bring in money to sustain them. 
 ▪ Occupation ▪ Host/Drug Dealer (Mostly all Zeke) 

 ▪ Other ▪
Zeke is a fitness freak, keep's a diet and strict workout schedule to keep himself looking good (And smexy). Dei doesn't really care, and eats what he wants, this is constantly causing issues between the two. 
    - Dei begged Q to watch over Zeke for him, to keep the male in check while he's "out". This makes Zeke had the little fag (Q) more then he naturally already did. 

▪ Relationship Status ▪ Bachelor life it is
▪ Sexual Orientation ▪
Dei: Gay as a unicorn. 
    Zeke: Straighter then his counterpart, but he's willing to bend his taste's if there's something in it for him. 

▪ Preferred Place to RP ▪ 
 Skype preferred, notes or chatzy work too. 

▪ Relationships ▪
Quincy:  Roommate/Crush
This is old Artwork. Like YEARS old, but I currently can't draw. so this will have to do. (Cause Kitch needs to be put up with Mishi's app)

Name| Kitch
Height| 5'9
Gender| Male
Age| Human years: around 200. Otherwise Over 400
Species| "Human"/ A wolf Spirit bound to Flesh
Sexual Orientation| Unsure
Personality| Quiet| Loyal| Determined| Curious| Naive| Playful(At times)| Stubborn| Protective| Introvert|
Job| Animal Tamer
Shipping| Open? 

The Blackfoot tribe had begun to slowly die off and with fear of their extinction their medicine man called upon the spirits for a "protector", he expected a mighty warrior or beast, but what he instead got was a bundle of flesh born from the fire pit. An infant child with a burn mark in the shape of a pawprint across his chest (Will be shown when I redraw him). Had he not just come from a firepit, the medicine man would have thought he was being played, but the medicine man believed that his prayers had been answered with a "God" born to flesh. And Kitch seemed to prove him "right", as he grew up, only to cease aging at the age of 17, a strong fit male with inhuman speed and senses. He was a FEARED warrior and celebrated hunter. He brought a peace over the blackfoot's that seemed to demise any fears, unfortunately for Kitch that peace would not last long. As soon the male began to realize that no matter what he did, the tribe was diminishing, and soon Kitch had outlived his tribe.
The male spent his remaining time trying to keep his culture alive in what ways he could, waiting for his "tribe" to return. His wait would be futile as Kitch would eventually end up captured by American's and shipped off with Mishi across the seas. (Where Kitch discovered he DID NOT like the sea) Sold into a black market before finally ending up with Mishi at the carnival.

Nationality| Native American

- Animals
- Canines
- Native American Culture
- Fire
- Trying/Learning new things
- The sun/Nature

- Being "Contained" in any way
- Water (For travel, he gets sea sick)
- Felines
- Conversation
- Cruelty to animals or nature

- Kitch actually does NOT Speak english or any other language beside his native tongue. This leaves Mishi to normally speak for him, though he's "attempting to learn" know, when he feels like it.
- Kitch is "human" so he cannot transform between his original Wolf form and his human form, unlike Mishi. Though he CAN TRANSFORM under dire sitations, he has never done it, as the transformation could leave him permanently damaged or stuck as his "beast form", or even end in his death. (A human can't NORMALLY transform so he's forcing his body to do something it doesnt NATURALLY do, hence this issue)
- Kitch still does his "tribal paint" despite not having seen another native american (Beside Mishi) in some time. (This also means that his paint differs from day to day)
- Kitch's left side used to have a tribal bead braiding, however one of the american's that captured him cut it off and kept it as a "souvenir" (Hence the shorter/half braided lock of hair on his left side)

Basic sayings| Quotes|

How did you get here?|
For :iconcirquedu-cauchemars:

Okay, so I MADE this like three months ago? I think. But I ended up getting into an accident at work that has pretty much made it semi impossible (compeltely impossible back then) to actually do things like drawing and such for more then like even an hour. I'm still having problems unfortunately. BUT I CANNOT allow this baby to sit ANY LONGER I ALREADY missed out on an event because of it. HE NEEDS TO GO UP NOW DAMMIT. SO HERE. THIS IS HIM. MY BABY. DEAL WITH HIS HALF ASSED SHIT CAUSE HE NEEDED TO BE FINISHED.

Age| Over 400
Species| Mishibizhiw (Has many differations of this name) Means "Water Panther"
Actual Appearance|
Sexual Orientation| Straight
Personality| Cocky| Narcassistic| Rude| Violent| Mischevious| Flirty|
Job| Animal Act
Shipping| Open? 

Mishi grew up being FEARED by the local Native American tribes that lived around the lake that he inhabited. He was often prayed too and showered with offerings by those wishing to prevent him from drowning them or their families. It wasn't until Kitch came into the picture, a spirit bound to flesh, that Mishi saw the decline in his worshipers. Mishi went from being treated like a god to being forgotten almost instantly as this new "Saver" tromped around. Mishi came to hate the male, and for the first time took on a human form, to spit him. Mishi took on the form of what believed was "Appealing" to the humans, often luring in many innocent bystander with a seductive ploy, luring them to their deaths to appease his inner beast. 
Unfortunately Mishi also watched the decline in the tribe's, as they dwindled down faster and faster with each passing year, until finally they ceased, and Mishi found himself alone...aside from Kitch.
The two would often go at each other, fighting was about the only good thing to come out of the "human" spirit, a way to pass the time.
However it was during one of those very fights that Mishi and Kitch accidently caught the attention of passing white men. The two were captured and shipped overseas to a black market dealer where they eventually wound up picked up by the Carnival.

Nationality| Native American
- Animals
- Water
- Native American Culture
- Women
- Meat
- His spear (A gift/offering made for him long ago)
- Any type of felines
- Darkness

- Cages
- Fire
- Unnatural light (So anything OTHER then the sun)
- Chains
- Kitch
- Children
- Most men

- Mishi is actually extremely protective of Kitch. Do to the fact that Kitch is ACTUALLY the spirit of the forest from where they come from. Mishi still hates his guts, but if Kitch were to die (away from their home) or become "corrupted" in any way, he would unbalance and corrupt their realm back home. Kitch MUST die back on their home land, or else his original spirit form could easily be lost to the world. 
- Mishi can understand and communicate in just about any language (It is a power that comes with his "spiritual being")
- Mishi's facial tattoos are actually his markings(Whiskers/ext) from his natural form, as he does take pride in who he is.

Basic sayings| Quotes| 

How did you get here?| 

Eun-Jeong Ki-Soon

OKAY. So like I had this started actually, a whole other pose and shit (Which is where the headshot came from) And then like I went off to work, left Sai up. Blah blah, then I come home tonight to like FINISH THIS APP CAUSE IT'S DO. AND LIKE SAI CRASHED.
AND LIKE AN IDIOT I HADN'T SAVED ANYTHING. Luckily I had shared the headshot of the original full body on skype (Cause I was trying out different expressions)=-= SO..I used THAT as the headshot, but had like MAKE th eentire app from scracth in four hours =-= Since I have work today as well, and the app is DO So I can't like come home, cause I MIGHT not make it home in time to even submit it let alone work on it =-=.

SO YEAH Ignore the anatomy, cause it was 1 in the morning when I started drawing, AFTER an 8 hour long shift of factory working where I RUN AROUND THE ENTIRE FACTORY collecting packages from each AREA to ship =-= so I'm like DEAD. SO ANATOMY CAN GO F ITSELF RIGHT NOW> AHHHH *runs off*

Name| Eun-Jeong Ki-Soon (Eun is his Family clan name, Jeong is his father's family name, Ki-Soon is his name)
Goes By| "Ki"
Age| 18
Year| 3rd Year
Birthday| Sagitarrius

Short Info|
Weight| 150lb, 68kg
 Height| 5'10, 178
Orientation|  Not interestexual

Bullet; Green Video Games
Bullet; Green His little sister and their pet dog (A Pomeranian) 
Bullet; Green His Best friend Kazue

Bullet; Red Being Touched
Bullet; Red Being hit on
Bullet; Red Being spoken down too

hobbies,talents ect| Anything Atheltic, he's pretty talented in any kind of sport. Though he prefers Kendo the most, because it satisfies his "violent" side.

history| Ki grew up in Korea until he was 5, when his parents moved him to Japan. He had a horrible time trying to make friends, he didn't know any japanese, and it was even harder to understand why the other kids made fun of him. He tended to stick close to the teacher's, since they seemed to give him the most approval, though when the mocking of other students became too much Ki eventually snapped and ended up bullying the children right back. He grew easily able to do this behind the teacher's backs, and tended to grow a kind of "two faced" personality. The bullying grew to a hault when Ki met Kazue, the boy needed a protector, so he turned his temper elsewhere. He grew up hiding his more "violent" side better, instead of bullying (though he still got into the occasional fights), he found other outlets. Like sports, and video games. Though his temper is still there, and his personality hasn't TRULY improved at all, Ki is far better at hiding it, usually  only those closest too him know his true personality. Otherwise he's a happy ass-kissing student, (And son, though he's still rather nicer to his younger sister, she is very much aware of how much of a "ogre"{<-- his nickname from her} her brother can be)

personality; From the outside Ki looks like a well mannered boy, he gets good grades, he takes part in after school activies, he's always ready to help teacher's, and he's outright friendly. But in reality, Ki has a nasty temper, and a twisted sense of humor, though he's not really sick and twisted, he's not exactly the most pleasant person to actually be around when his temper flares up. He has a nasty violent streak to him, that used to cause him to get into a lot of fights as a young male, but most of that is now taken care of through Kendo. On the upside though, he truly is loyal and protective of those he cares about.


※ Those little black dots on his face are actually moles.
※ He likes to Loan Kauze things, since the other seems to loose his items all the time. However he doesn't loan him his things, he loans the other his little sisters things.
※ He actually REALLY likes to fawn over the people he cares about (and his pet).


Joe Bitch/Batass
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Nah, actually my friends call me Bats o3o
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