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Andrew Sakei SS App
:iconsoulless-sanctum: Meet the new and improved Andrew for my new zombie group.


 Andrew Sakei 


Age: 26

Gender: Male

Height: 5'11

Weight: 150lbs

Ethnicity/Nationality: Japanese/American 

Sexual Orientation: Pansexual

Primary Weapon(s): Mostly uses "fake" weapons. BB guns and pellet guns, though their painted to come off as real. His only actual weapon is a small air pistol named Margaret, that yes is a custom air pressure pistol, but she's just as deadly as a real one. 

Secondary Weapon(s): Small smoke grenades that are made to look like real grenades or tear gas canisters. 

Faction: Scavers

Jobs: "Lookout" He's a self proclaimed lookout, since one of his favorite hobbies used to be Parkour, nine times outta ten while venturing the city Andrew can be found on the roofs of buildings instead of running with his group on the streets, making him the unofficial lookout for the group. 


Animal || 0 / 10 || ○○○○○○○○○○

Attack || 0 / 10 || ○○○○○○○○
Crafting || 0 / 10 || ●●○○○○○○○
Charisma || 0 / 10 || ○○○○○○○○○
Defense || 0 / 10 || ○○○○○○○○
Intelligence || 0 / 10 || ○○○○○○○○
Medic || 0 / 10 || ●●○○○○○○○○
Stealth || 0 / 10 || ●●○○○○○○
Survival || 0 / 10 || ○○○○○○○


|Cocky|Immature|Eccentric|Showy|Loud Mouthed|Violent|Impatient|

Background/History: Andrew was born in Japan with his mother. His father was a traveling business man who was working on getting his business off the ground. Because of that Andrew grew up in a more poor community of Japan until he was 4, that was when his mother moved them to America to live with his father. His father's business had finally taken root and he had made himself a nice nest egg to bring his only son into with his soon to be wife. His mother earned her visa through their marriage and for the most part Andrew grew up as average kid, his mother making the most of being a happy stay at home wife, while his father buried himself in work to bring home money. 

It wasn't until Andrew was 11 that his life came to a screech halt. By then his father had only become more of a workaholic, though their surroundings did show for it; nice houses, expensive cars, unlimited toys...but shortly after Andrew's 11th birthday his mother got into a horrible car accident and fell into a coma. Andrew was devastated but always lived with the idea that his mother would come back to him. That was until two years later when his mother finally passed. Andrew's father threw himself even more into work, hiring a stay at home maid that acted as Andrew's supervision. Andrew however went from being the perfect mama's boy to dwelling into the rebellious stage. He buried himself in video games and electronics, and his style turned into that of a wannabe punk. And his behavior was no better. 

As Andrew grew up with less and less of a parent figure he turned more uncontrollable, using his dad's money to do just about anything he wanted, the perks of being an unmonitored rich kid. 
He got himself fake ID's, threw wild parties at his home, slept around with anyone who was willing and never used the word anything. He used his dad's money to appeal to woman, usually having just about any booty call he wanted when board. That was until his dad caught wind of his "undignified behavior" and tried to correct him by forcing Andrew into activities to take up his spare time. Forcing Andrew to take up martial arts as a hopes of discipling him and filling up what free time he had to prevent the kid from getting into trouble. 
Though it did so to some point, it had absolutely nothing to do with the martial arts, in fact Andrew hated it. He however did take a big interest over time in his "Sensei" the son of the dojo's owner. Shin Tetsuya.
Over the course of the next few years Andrew would participate in a "relationship" with the other, one that though he started as the clear intentions of a "pretend boyfriend" lasted for years regardless, that was...until one of Andrew's parties resulted in a one night stand that ruined his life. Andrew was informed a month after the party that he was to be a father, by none of then his father. Apparently it wasn't CORRECT to come TELL him, it was only REASONABLE the bitch would go to his father for some god awful reason. Because of this Andrew had no where to run, and was forced into an unwanted engagement. Do to this he ended things with Shin on bad terms. 
Two years into their marriage Andrew's father passed away suddenly from an illness he attracted overseas on business, do to not even being able to make it back to America, Andrew was never able to see his father and only heard of his passing after the fact. Not that he would have gone out of his way to see the old man anyways. 
Regardless, in the end Andrew inherited his father's fortune and for the next year he watched his "wife" life the extravagant life of a rich home maker. Spending his money on anything she saw fit. Andrew spent most of his time with his daughter, while his wife went out shopping and lavishing herself with his money, that was until he decided he was done playing suburban dad to a greedy whore. 
Unfortunately within days of declaring that his wife was cut off from his money he found divorce papers being shoved into his face. Infidelity claims being shoved down his throat as she filed for full custody of their daughter and over half of his money. Course, the claims were true, the woman never slept with him and Andrew was practically a sexaholic since he was 16, he found his fun elsewhere, but so did she. Only Andrew hadn't cared less, DEFINITELY hadn't cared enough to hire a private detective to photograph her every move for the last year to show JUST how much of a slut she was. But apparently she had felt it right to do just that to Andrew. Overwhelmed with the countless photos of his infidelity, Andrew lost custody of his daughter and found himself having to pay an arm and a leg in both child support and alimony, Andrew soon found himself living a shit ass life while his now ex wife had moved on to another sugar daddy and was back to living her lavishing lifestyle. 

Do to still having to provide for himself and now his ex family, Andrew ended up getting a job as a 
"pornographic film actor", unfortunately starting out in gay porns. Still the other made his living, paid his dues and well....existed for the time being. That was until the apocalypse happened...

(See Shin Tetsuya's app for more info)

Additional Information: 
- Andrew had a daughter named Madeline before the apocalypse, however he believes her to be dead now along with his ex wife. 
- "Former" Sexaholic
- Does wear makeup and nail polish. Doesn't see it as "gay", and if you try and claim as much he'll happily show you how "manly" he is by punching you in the face. 
SO I'm revamping Alejandro(And my tablet died so I could only art with a mouse >.> So I could only edit his old work)

If you wanna RP hit me up!
Group that he's currently in :iconhappy-tails: 
Old Mugshot:…
His horribly need of updating App:…

Group I'm revamping him for :iconsoulless-sanctum: (>.> My own group, come check us out if yer interested in Zombie apocalypses) 
Miss Me??
Redraw Meme: (Cause this is a redraw of my ONLY orignal Ship art)…
The left character belongs to :iconnerdybeast: 
And the right one belongs to me. 

This was actually started oh god.....three...four months ago? And I'm just now getting around to finishing it >.> So there are things like the hands I can't do but I'm not gonna go back and redraw something I lined months yeah...enjoy the awkward hands

This is also the same pose for my YCH :…

Grown up Tatsu:…
Grown up Sato:…
Progress Bitches
This is in my scraps you don't need no darn description. 

Before: 2012 After is 2017


Joe Bitch/Batass
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Nah, actually my friends call me Bats o3o

RP Stamp by vidramidra Loves to RP stamp by Marlin-Rae Literate Roleplay Stamp by AngelKittah All Nighter RP Stamp by zoshi

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Supernatural_Dean_Crazy Face by Margo-K Supernatural_Cas and Dean................ by Margo-K Supernatural_Misha... by Margo-K


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